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"I worked with Chad during the summer of 2021. I wrestle for the University of Virginia and have been very familiar with all kinds of workouts throughout my career. Out of all the experience I have had with exercise, Chad showed me a new style of training that proved to show results during that summer. His approach is not only based off of hard work, but science. The way he formatted his workouts provided a new stimulus to my body that helped with my power and endurance for wrestling. I could certainly see the effort he put into all his workouts from the way they were designed and how I felt challenged during them. Plus, the workouts were set up to be in-and-out with no fluff. Overall, I found his workouts to be very fun and beneficial to my sport. These workouts can be beneficial to anyone and Chad can design a program for anyone with any goal with his knowledge in exercise and training. I highly recommend training with him at BedRock Fitness; I believe it will be well worth your time!"
Michael, 23

“Before coming to bedrock, I was dealing with some frustrations with lingering hip issues.  I had a lack of confidence in what I could do.  As I worked with Chad, he gave me tools to avoid injury and confidence to push through pain to reach my full capabilities.  I reached maxes that I had been stuck at for months.  His encouragement was something I needed.  I am grateful for bedrock for renewing my love for working out!  It also helped that he was easy on the eyes."

Corey, 33

"Appreciate all the knowledge and time you put in you got me ready and helped me believe in myself. You definitely helped me understand and build that foundation to progress. You kept helping me tweak everything to get my baseline level of fitness and mobility ready to take it to the next level and undo a lot of bad habits As well as understand muscle activation and the theory or whatever you want to call it behind a lot of stuff."

Chris, 32

"I went to the grand opening and did the kick-off workout.  At that very moment, I knew what I wanted to do.  After getting the taste of the programming, the techniques and the coaching style, I immediately signed up to be a full-time and unlimited member of The Bedrock Fitness!! Bedrock is not really a “gym” in my experience of a “gym”.  Bedrock’s programming and coaching is unique in of itself and absolutely effective!! there’s nothing more satisfying than getting my full workout done within an hour. The coaching style is exceptional in making sure the athlete is working the correct group of muscles to target that specific part of the body – using the proper form of that particular movement – this made a huge difference for me in being able to lift safely and certainly heavier!  Although I was an experienced athlete coming in, I had developed bad habits over the period of 10 ten years.  With small tweaking and positioning of my movement helped me tremendously in reaching specific goals that I wanted to meet.  The individual and group training I received in just three months facilitated in reaching those goals, including increasing my muscle mass to where I wanted to be. Life is a constant journey with expectations; the unexpected challenges can sometimes throw us off and fall in a slump that can be detrimental to one’s wellbeing.  We want to make changes to better ourselves, to improve our lifestyle, but afraid to take that leap because of failing.  But in order to accomplish the goals and desires, we need to take risks and get out of our comfort zone.  That’s where I was – I want to share with you that Bedrock and its founder, Chad Obzud, made an impact on me and continue to do so!!  My fitness level, health and mental confidence is better than ever!!!  Bedrock helped me gain the confidence in myself not just as an athlete, but also in my coaching and programming helping individuals through their journey to reach their goals. I am proud to be part of Bedrock and Chad, I can’t thank you enough for being so instrumental in my growth over the past year.  This experience in a relatively short period of time made the little fires I had in me into bigger fires that prepared me to take a big leap of faith to accomplish a longtime dream of completing two certifications which led to opening my own studio in Fairfax, to sign up and train for my first-time ever competition in public.  Bedrock opened the door of opportunity to give me the experience in coaching and programming. I will forever be grateful to Bedrock and my amazing Coach.


Theresa, 59

   "Two years ago, I was out of shape, hadn’t seen a gym in years and lacked direction and the confidence to start my journey to get in shape. Fast forward to today, I will soon complete my 200th workout with Chad Obzud, personal trainer. From the onset, Chad listened to my goals and developed a phased program initially focused on assessment and cardio, then building to strength and flexibility and finally a combination of the two through high repetition interval training. I continue to be amazed by Chad’s expertise, methodical approach and his ability to notice very minor tweaks in my form to ensure proper technique, so as to not get hurt, while simultaneously isolating specific muscles - some of which I never knew I had. During the last 2 years, I have watched pounds drop (still have many to go), muscle tone build and probably more importantly improved overall general health (e.g. better sleep, improved BP, etc). In addition, Chad has taught me to turn my negative thoughts into positive ‘chunks’ to help me get through that next 2-3 sets or finish that last run to the end of the block or that final 500 meter row. Moreover, I now have confidence in the gym and myself and for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to that feeling of personal accomplishment when I finish my next workout. In addition, he has trained my two high school sons on the fundamentals of weight lifting - sparking a similar interest in them. I would highly recommend Chad as a personal trainer – you will not regret it. He has an innate ability to keep the workouts fun and no two are ever the same."

Mark, 50

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